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Mirrored chiffonier-dresser

Mirrored chiffonier-dresser

Code: 9979


W: 150cm (59.1")H: 92cm (36.2")D: 42cm (16.5")


An amazing mirrored chiffonier-dresser. The glass of this unique piece of  outstanding quality has reverse floral motif painting all round, including the sides, while a pie-crust peach glass frames its front. In addition to its unusual look, this chiffonier-dresser offers a lot of useful storage, with its 2 side compartments with shelves, 2 drawers and a central compartment with flap opening. The lovely glass handles, interspersed rosettes and green painted fer forge base contribute to give it its undeniably French connotation. Some distressing on the mirrored top, consistent with age. Ca.1930s.